5 Reasons to Hire a Professional When Deal with Mold

Mold can grow for months, even years, without being detected in your home. Hiding behind walls, tiles, ceilings, and many other places, mold poses a serious health risk and can harm you and your loved ones. Detecting mold before it’s a significant problem can be tricky, and once it’s a full-blown issue, handling the mold problem professionally and with care is imperative. Continue reading below to find out why you should hire a professional when […]

Home Fire Pit: Safety Precautions You Should Be Taking

One of the summer’s biggest joys is spending time with the people you love around a fire pit. Good company, tasty treats, and the sound of a crackling fire are the makings of a perfect evening. But before you get too comfortable and relaxed, it is important to brush up on your fire safety skills. You and any attendees need to know several things, including which precautions you should all be taking. Continue reading to […]

How to Avoid Water Damage by Properly Cleaning Rain Gutters

Keeping the gutter system on your home clear of leaves, twigs, and other debris is very important to the integrity of your house. Rain gutters are responsible for collecting and moving water away from your home’s fascia, soffit, walls, windows, and foundation. But as the rainwater falls into your gutters, clog-causing debris collects and can cause your system to sag, break, and overflow, which can lead to more significant issues. Thankfully, you can help keep […]