Tips for Keeping Water out of Your Basement

Keeping water out of your basement is an essential part of homeownership because a damp one can lead to serious issues, such as water damage and mold. Between drainage problems, faulty appliance, plumbing failures, flash floods, and more, your home can undergo significant destruction that can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. The best line of defense? Keeping basement water out. Learn what you can do to stop water from accumulating in your basement […]

5 Signs Your Home Has Water Damage

One of the biggest hassles and headaches a homeowner has to deal with is water damage. Water damage can wreak havoc on your house and can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs. Catching it early and finding the root of the issue is imperative. However, knowing what to look for can be tricky. Today we’re talking about things to look out for when identifying water damage. Read more about five signs your home has […]

How to Avoid Water Damage by Properly Cleaning Rain Gutters

Keeping the gutter system on your home clear of leaves, twigs, and other debris is very important to the integrity of your house. Rain gutters are responsible for collecting and moving water away from your home’s fascia, soffit, walls, windows, and foundation. But as the rainwater falls into your gutters, clog-causing debris collects and can cause your system to sag, break, and overflow, which can lead to more significant issues. Thankfully, you can help keep […]