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Rapid Response Restoration is dedicated to providing homeowners and the insurance agency with outstanding service throughout this unfortunate situation that has arisen. If you have any questions please give Rapid Response Restoration a call.

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What Rapid Response Restoration Does

If your home has been damaged as the result of a stubborn leak or from a wildfire that broke out, you’ll need to act fast. What is the next step you will take to address these problems? Restorations companies are typically the first responders following significant damage to a home from floods, fires, water damage, and other significant events. The responsibility of a restoration company is to clean up the mess and to preserve and protect your home so that further damage does not occur.

Rapid Response Restoration takes pride in its 24/7 service and consistent track record of customer satisfaction.

Rapid Response Restoration is a 24/7 Utah Restoration company, because at any hour on any day a disaster can happen. Call Us Today 801-669-8901.

Mold Remediation

Not only is mold unsightly, but it also poses a severe health risk to you and your family. Rapid Response Restoration offers mold remediation services. Mold remediation is the removal, cleaning, and sanitization of areas contaminated with mold. Your health and safety is our main concern. Our goal is to protect your home from mold infestation by thoroughly assessing the damage to your home. Mold growth cannot be stopped if the moisture in your home is not controlled. Our technicians will provide your home with the mold remediation it needs.

Water and Flood

Water damage invades structural cavities, which causes trapped pockets of moisture. If this type of damage goes undetected, it will gradually continue to cause damage to your home--and you probably won’t be aware of it until months after. Surface damage, such as rotting, shrinkage, and splitting, will cause more significant and more expensive repairs if you don’t take care of it as soon as possible. Fortunately, our experienced technicians at Rapid Response will clean up, repair, and restore damages caused by flooding promptly.

Fire and Smoke

If you and your family have just experienced a house fire, it’s essential to know that the real damage begins after the fire. To return your residential or commercial property back to its previous condition before the fire broke out, you’ll need professional restoration. This is not a job that you should attempt to do if you are not an expert. Our experienced team at Rapid Response specializes in fire and smoke damage restoration. We will assess the damages caused by the fire, remove smoke and soot from each surface, and clean and repair your home. Rapid Response is dedicated to restoring your home quickly so that you can move on from the devastation caused by the fire.

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Rapid Response Restoration took care of the flood that happened at my apartment. They were prompt, professional, and did an awesome job getting things put back together with my insurance. Chris and the insurance agent talked daily to make sure the process was as smooth as it could be.
UOC RekordZ
UOC RekordZ
17:40 18 Oct 19
Chris and his team did a great job working with our insurance to get our home fixed. I recommend them to any one with restoration needs.
Victor Ramirez
Victor Ramirez
02:34 03 Nov 19
Rapid Response Restoration is committed to excellence and helping people in a flood crisis by responding quickly to minimize damages. Friendly and very helpful staff. Thanks!
Jared Ostler
Jared Ostler
20:35 29 Aug 19
Great company to work with. Working directly with home owner insurance, renters insurance and more. Anyone dealing with emergency and natural disasters in need of clean up. From homes to offices, and more cleaned up and restored to its original condition.
Christafer Anderson
Christafer Anderson
23:08 03 Oct 19
Their name says it all! Very quick to do a great job.
Riley Anderson
Riley Anderson
18:50 04 Oct 19

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When you're in need of a dependable Flood, Fire and Mold Damage Restoration Service, don’t hesitate. Contact Rapid Response Restoration today.