Fire Hazards in Your Garage

Fire Hazards in Your Garage

Fire Hazards in Your Garage

While garages were intended initially to shelter vehicles, their use has extended to the storage of tools, belongings, and many other items, including flammable liquids and materials. It may be overlooked, but because garages store these items, they are particularly hazardous when it comes to potential fires. Whether your garage is attached or detached from your home, you must take proper safety precautions to avoid any serious and devastating accidents. 

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Electrical Issues

Garages, especially older garages, are susceptible to electrical issues like faulty wiring or circuits, overloaded outlets, improper use of extension cords, and the use of lightbulbs that are the wrong wattage. Any one of these problems can cause sparks, which can quickly lead to a fire.


Not only does clutter in your garage keep you from parking inside, but this eyesore also causes a safety hazard. All of this clutter stored in your garage can quickly become fuel to a fire. To prevent this issue, invest a little time and money in organizing your garage. There are many organizational solutions available on the market today that will accommodate your needs. Shelves, cabinets, and other storage systems are very effective in keeping your garage clean.

Combustible Liquids

Garages are home to many combustible liquids like gasoline, oil, propane, paint, lawn care products, pesticides, and cleaning supplies. Proper storage of these liquids helps decreases fire risks, so you must keep the lids closed tightly, clearly mark and label items, and make sure they are stored in durable containers. Do not mix these liquids, keep them away from heat sources, and properly dispose of these liquids when the time comes. If you are able, keep your combustible liquids stored in a shed instead of the garage, except propane should be left outside.

Overall Negligence 

Being aware is one of your best defenses against garage fires, and when people are negligent, these hazards can quickly become real problems. When spending time in your garage, make sure you are careful. Do not use your grill inside of the garage, even if the weather is bad. When using your garage as a workshop, make sure to clean up thoroughly after yourself. Mop up any spills and clean or dispose of any soiled rags and other items used.

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