How to Prepare for an Earthquake

How to Prepare for an Earthquake

Earthquakes are unpredictable. They strike suddenly, powerfully, and without any warning. Serious injuries and severe damage to your house and belongings can occur because of shifting plates deep below the earth’s surface. Identifying potential hazards before these violent natural disasters hit might be your best defense in protecting your home and family.

Find out more about earthquake preparedness below.

How to Protect Your Family

Protecting your family is likely your number one concern in emergencies like earthquakes. Here are a few ways you can prepare now to protect your family in the event of a disaster:

Make a Plan — Make a plan with your loved ones and make sure each individual memorizes it. 

72-Hour Emergency Kits — Have a bag ready to go for each family member. This bag should be full of your daily essentials as well as emergency and disaster supplies. Things like food, water, first aid kit, clothes, diapers and wipes, flashlights, medications, cash, copies of important family documents, and shoes should be included. If your family has a pet, pack any supplies you will need for them.

Identify Safe Places — Take time with your children to talk about safe places to seek cover in the event of an earthquake and teach them what to do. Doorways aren’t always the safest spot, so look for solid pieces of furniture to hide beneath.

Run Drills — Conduct random drills with your family to test your preparedness. When you say, “Go!” everyone needs to pretend a real earthquake is happening. Stop what you’re doing, take cover, and hold on until it’s “done.” Generally speaking, earthquakes last 10-30 seconds; let your drills last that long.

How to Protect Your Home

After your family, protecting your home is likely on your radar. Here are some ways you can prepare your home for an unexpected event like an earthquake:

Water and Gas Turn Off — Ensure you and your family (at least those old enough) know how to turn off the water and gas to your home. Keep a wrench in a convenient place to help, if necessary. This could prevent serious issues if a disaster were to strike.

Secure Items — Anchoring heavy furnishing and wall hangings to walls can prevent tipping in the event of an earthquake. Top-heavy furniture can easily tip, finding their way on top of an unsuspecting individual, causing serious injury. Other household decors like heavy hanging frames and mirrors can lead to accidents. Additionally, appliances like your water heaters need to be secured.

Building Standards — Older homes and buildings cause a significant risk when earthquakes hit. Make sure your home is up to seismic building code to protect your loved ones.

Contact Rapid Response Restoration

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